One for The Kids


6 Responses to “One for The Kids”

  1. Reverend Jack Petty Says:

    Good on you mate!

    It[‘]s great to see someone put in so much effort to keep money from dying kids. Presenting false info[r]mation and slander is one thing but this really is a new low, even for a sad cunt like you.

  2. birmyboycott Says:

    ~ versus ~

    “FDB! understands that the Foundation is a worthy charity dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families… “The Starlight Childrens’ Foundation’s work with seriously ill children is to be admired, but not to put too fine a point on it, we would hate to see their reputation tarnished by association with those whose attitudes to same are that they should be euthanised,” said Smith.”

    The problem, obviously, is not with the Starlight Foundation, but The Birmy. The bands who are performing at the venue are all perfectly well aware of the boycott, but have chosen to ignore it.

  3. Reverend Jack Petty Says:

    [You’re] right, many bands have chosen to ignore the boycott. God forbid that a group [doesn’t] share the same opinion as [you].

    I’d be happy to list the reasons behind why bands and people support The Birmy but seeing as my comment listing such things wasn’t posted last time (on the slack bastard blog) […] it’s not worth wasting my time again. Brilliant work with censorship guys.

  4. Reverend Jack Petty Says:

    Hitler would be proud.

  5. birmyboycott Says:

  6. birmyboycott Says:

    Perhaps you posted the comment in the wrong thread Reverend?

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