What’s a few more scabs between friends?

A handful more local bands have scabbed on the boycott. They are:

Long Haul Paul & the Pukes;


Scape and;


The four bands played November 30. On December 1, these four will be joined by Donkey Punch (as well as Sewer Cider, The Boots and Wot Rot, all of whom have previously scabbed on the boycott).


8 Responses to “What’s a few more scabs between friends?”

  1. Paul Says:

    So be it, list us as scabs. But we have nothing to do with neo nazis or boneheads and I strongly oppose their ideals and beliefs.

  2. dmx Says:

    Paul, no doubt you’re not, but DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BRO. Tell your band not to play at The Birmy.

  3. weez Says:

    I can’t think of an easier way of disassociating yourself with the nazis, Paul. All you have to do is NOT play the Birmy. Too easy.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Donkey Punch have nothing to do with the nazi fuck heads. I strongly disagree with their shitty racist beliefs and so do the rest of us. and so their beliefs might suck (and I’m pretty sure i just said they do suck) but wouldn’t it be discrimination if the Birmingham DIDN’T let them play? and that’s besides the point, the Birmingham’s an alright venue, i like playing it, beer isn’t too expensive either. and really, what is this really gonna do? stop crass fans from coming to our shows? bring it on you jerks, whoever you are. i don’t care what you think but i know I’m anti racist.

  5. Dave Says:

    yeesh im in scape and had no idea of this shit. none of the bands that actually played there are neo nazi bands. we just wanted a gig is all

  6. birmyboycott Says:


    Yes, it would be “discrimination” if Gary had decided to say ‘no’ to Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins. (“Discrimination” means 1) The act of discriminating. 2) The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.) Further, this is precisely what is being called for. The boycott has been called for because, unfortunately, on numerous occasions, rather than saying ‘no’, Gary has said ‘yes’ to these neo-Nazi groups. And that is also why bands (such as Donkey Punch) and punters are, in turn, being asked to say ‘no’ to The Birmy. The point of the boycott is to teach Gary (and any other venue manager of a similar disposition) a lesson. The lesson is that providing a venue for scum like B&H and the SCHS — and in Gary’s case, lying about it, attempting to cover it up, then declaring he couldn’t give a shit if a woman is assaulted on the night of the gig and by a group of the people he invited to Fitzroy for the gig — is BAD FOR BUSINESS and that BUSINESSES WHICH STOOP TO MAKING MONEY FROM FASCIST SCUM will pay the penalty. And it’s beyond question that it’s having an effect, and that Gary and The Birmy are paying a financial penalty for providing a platform for scum.

    In 2007, the ISD gig was held at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club. As a result:

    The Melbourne Knights Soccer Club yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on its social arm, the Croatia Social Club, for hosting the October 13 concert by groups that incite violence and attacks against Jews and other minorities. “I am deeply disturbed that the good reputation of our football club has been tarnished by the social club’s incompetence,” Knights chairman Matt Tomas said… Mr Tomas said he did not know who was attending the concert, but he would investigate Mr Smith’s claim that Knights members were contacted, adding: “I don’t associate with that sort of scum. I’m utterly disgusted about this.”

    Gary, on the other hand, not only doesn’t mind being associated with scum, he actually invited them on to his premises, and not just once, but on numerous occasions. The moral? ‘Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas’.


    I don’t know if Rankwaste and THC knew of the boycott or not; Long Haul Paul & The Pukes, Sewer Cider, The Boots and Wot Rot do.

    The question for both Donkey Punch and Scape is: Will you play there again? Or will you join the boycott?

  7. Ryan Says:

    ok, ya have a good point there. i guess i took it as an attack on our band rather than the birmy, sorry mate.

  8. Dave Says:

    yeah i doubt we’ll be playing there again, not at our choice but because were an underage band anyway.
    we just dont want to be listed on this stuff. cheers

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