Boycott the Birmy!


3 Responses to “Boycott the Birmy!”

  1. John Hawley Says:

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I would like to inform the persons running this site that some one in your organisation is illegaly [sic] placing posters inside JCDecaux bus shelters.
    As these are owned by us and are private property we will be contacting the Police and prosecuting if any further posters are found in our shelters. We will also charge for advertising and removal costs.
    I hope that this does not re-occur.
    JCDecaux Australia

  2. birmyboycott Says:

    Dear John,
    This is the first I’ve heard of it. I’m curious to know what evidence you have that someone from this “organisation” is acting illegally.
    birmy boycott

  3. weez Says:

    John, if you think you have a case, by all means, you most definitely should call the police. And the media. I can’t wait for the coverage. 😆

    Truly, a blog is an ‘organisation’? ‘spoze if you count the squirrels powering the generator, that might hold some water… 😀

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