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Vae Victis joins boycott…

September 15, 2007

Sydney band Vae Victis — exponents of the very finest in D-Beat, Fantasy Metal and Disco since time immemorial — have recently voiced their support for a boycott of The Birmy. If you’d like to join them, please comment below…

Cool potatoes and hot bananas. The following bands have declared that they’re not gonna play along to get along:

ABC Weapons : Easy listening.

Final Warning : “…punk, ska and reggae with incisive lyrics, kick ass rhythm, and the passion of youth at the threat of extinction.”

Pisschrist : “Melburn mange!”

Schifosi : “Down-tuned epic melodic crust.”

Speartackle : “Rock City Hardcore.”

The Focus : [ Genres = indie rock, post-punk ] “Play melodic, hook-riddled tunes with a Husker Du feel.”

The Resignators : “Better start skanking or ya gonna start bleeding.”

Vents : Hard to Kill hip-hop.

Yidcore : “The original humus-fuelled punk pranksters!”