News: Hardcore gig CANCELLED

A hardcore gig scheduled for Friday, June 22nd at The Birmy was cancelled after the six bands scheduled to play — Crosscheck, Flame the Fire, No Love Lost, Speartackle, Tenth Dan and Violent Abuse — were informed of the boycott and the reasons for it. Many thanks to the bands in question and for displaying solidarity with Melbourne antifa.


2 Responses to “News: Hardcore gig CANCELLED”

  1. Pilks Says:

    We as a band believe in freedom of speech and the right of people to speak their mind.
    In saying that we will not support anything that has to do with neo-Nazi movement; that is a freedom of speech that does not help this world in any way!
    If our band happens to pull one person thru the door, that to us is $10 too much to go to such a movement!

    — Pilks, NO LOVE LOST.

  2. weez Says:

    Pilks, onya. Hate speech is never free speech. The nazis sole aim is violating the expression rights of the folks they don’t like, through murder, deportation or intimidation.

    The Birmy is actively supporting hate groups- and it’s time to choke off the cashflow that keeps it going. When Birmy Gary finds out that hosting nazi gigs means he gets 3 nazis for a whole night’s clientele, he’s going to consider his position.

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